ACP is there to capture all of your special moments in and out of the studio! The following galleries are some of our favorite photos, click each genre to open a gallery.

ACP shoots concerts all over New England. Are you a local band that needs action shots? Contact ACP now to let us know when you are next playing! ACP also has a full studio for taking care of all of your press pack and album art needs. Contact us to work out details soon!

ACP has a full studio for all of your portrait needs. In addition we can go onsite even if there is little or no power available. All of our lighting gear can be run on battery so lets take some portraits out in the woods!

Everything is more exciting when it's on fire! ACP can shoot to freeze the fire action as well as doing long exposure to capture the trails. Either way the firespinner is still the focus of the shot. Book ACP for your next fire event and let us do our magic while you do yours.

Weddings are a special occasion that demands a special event photographer. While some wedding photographers are known for their formal pics, ACP is known for capturing the entire event. In addition to all of the formal set photos that are must haves ACP will lso be able to capture all of the little moments through out the day/night that you will cherish for years!

Nightlife is what we are known for the most. Low light in combination with bright flashing lights makes for a challenging environment to capture an event. Let ACP step in and be there for the entire night and you will be amazed at the level of candid photography that we can get without being in the way of the patrons. Our goal is to not alter things but to accurately capture the spirt of the event without doing a ton of posing.

A lot of the nightlife events feature DJs and some of the most interesting pics of the night are of them spinning.

ACP does so many different kinds of events besides nightlife including theater, sports, and dance. Every event is special so bring ACP in to capture it!